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REPO! The Genetic Opera Trailer starring Paris Hilton?

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Paris Hilton OperaHere is the trailer for REPO! The Genetic Opera, the horror musical, by Darren Lynn Bousman (the guy who did Saw II, III and IV) and it stars Paris Hilton!

I was kind of unsure if I should put this on our sista site, here or both. I guess it belongs here, but Paris Hilton in a cheap wig, singing is just too great not to comment on. If she is in one more horror film we could brand her an “official scream queen,” and boy does that tickle the gay in me.

“Set in the not-so-distant future, the production tells the story of an epidemic of organ failures that devastates the planet, killing tens of millions. As scientists feverishly make plans for a massive organ harvest program, a multi-billion dollar biotech company called GeneCo begins to manufacture salvation- for a price- offering simple payment plans to those lacking the necessary funds to purchase new body parts outright. But all financed organs are subject to default procedures, including repossession at the hand of the notorious organ repo men.”

David Beckham tops rivals on “man’s man” list

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

David BeckhamLOS ANGELES, Oct 24 (Reuters Life!) – Here’s some advice for guys looking to be a real “man’s man” — get a life.

More than 1 million readers of men’s lifestyle Web site were asked to name the Top 49 Men who exemplified “a true man’s man” with British soccer star David Beckham scoring top place in the wide-ranging list.

Beckham was followed in the No. 2 position by actor Matt Damon, star of the hit movie “The Bourne Ultimatum,” and just behind him was record music producer Timbaland.

The list featured a broad group in both occupation and age, and editor-in-chief James Bassil said the key factor uniting them seemed to be a willingness to engage in life beyond simply accomplishing career goals.

“These are not the guys you always see on magazine covers or who get the most media play, and they all have secondary pursuits that become expressions of their values,” Bassil said.

“When our readers can see the guy behind the guy, they appreciate that.”

Beckham, whose wife Victoria is a member of the Spice Girls pop group, does see his name in tabloid headlines but amid the media frenzy surrounding him, the sports star seems to stay levelheaded with a good sense of humor, Bassil said.

Likewise, Damon scored a smash box office hit with the recent “Bourne Ultimatum” action flick ($410 million worldwide ticket sales to date), yet he is active in charities such as raising money for victims of the genocide in Darfur.

Others on the list included Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs, 53, at No. 7, and Richard Branson, 57, who is an adventurer outside running his Virgin companies in airlines, music and numerous other businesses. He was No. 20.

Britain’s Prince Harry made the list at No. 23, but Prince William was no where in sight.

Bassil said the younger prince was appreciated by readers for his willingness earlier this year to serve with the British Army in southern Iraq.

Rounding out the top five were tennis star Roger Federer at No. 4, followed by singer/actor/clothes designer Justin Timberlake. Among the top 10 were actors Daniel Craig, George Clooney and Christian Bale and race car driver Lewis Hamilton.

A complete list is posted at (, which boasts more than 8 million monthly readers.

Marie Helvin: ‘I know I’m too thin. It’s the adrenaline…’

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Marie Helvin: 'I know I'm too thin. It's the adrenaline...'Marie Helvin has the same problem as other women in finding clothes that suit her. She may have what her former husband, the photographer David Bailey, called a “perfect body”; she may appear enviably un-crêpey at 55, but in the wrong kit she can look scrawny.

I can vouch for this, having witnessed her trying on a whole rack of clothes intended for publicity junkets surrounding the launch of her new autobiography.

Experience has taught Helvin how to avoid obvious mistakes, as she riffles through the assembled options.

“Too short. I don’t show my knees.” “Too frilly.” Girly dresses are out. “Too frumpy.” The Ralph Lauren suit joins them. “Too weird.” So does the tartan Vivienne Westwood two-piece.

On and on goes the weeding process: too hot; too covered up; too pastel; too low-cut for television. That leaves just a handful of outfits for her to try on. The skirts swim around her bottom, and one dress fits below the waist but won’t do up around her bust. This, she assures me, is entirely usual: “My mother was known as Jayne Mansfield.”

Helvin knows she is too thin. In her youth, Bailey, who she credits with developing her look, said she looked “mighty meaty matey” and kept her on a broccoli-only diet. But these days her problem is maintaining her “fighting weight” of 130lb.

She has dropped to a size eight in the month since her mother died of a brain tumour. “It’s the adrenaline. I find it hard to keep things down.”

This is an agonising time for Helvin. Every night her octogenarian father rings from Hawaii, her childhood home, in tears.

Each morning starts with her sister Naomi, in Thailand, calling about when she can get home to Hawaii to scatter the ashes. In between those fixtures, she has to go out, sparkle and look glamorous. Even for a pro who has been modelling for nearly 40 years, that’s tough.

What makes it worse is that her friends aren’t rallying round. “I think they’re too scared to call me,” she says sadly. What about Jerry Hall, who used to be known as her terrible twin? “Jerry and I haven’t been close for years. We made a good foursome when I was with Bailey and she was with Mick, but then she had a family and wanted to talk about nappies.”

Helvin maintains that she is single and childless by choice. Last week, when challenged on television by Fern Britton, she blurted out: “I don’t like children,” and is now regretting her words. “She asked me whether I hadn’t had children because I wanted to keep my figure. I was so shocked that anyone could think that that I made things worse. It’s difficult when people tell me I look good for my age, so I say that I don’t have the stresses of children and a husband. Of course I like other people’s children. I just don’t want my own.

“At one time Jerry persuaded me to try, but when it didn’t work after six months I was relieved to go back on the Pill. I never wanted children – maybe because my mum didn’t want grandchildren. Maybe it’s genetic; none of my siblings has had children. Maybe it’s to do with the abortion I had in my early modelling days in Japan. It could be to do with my younger sister Suzon dying.”

Suzon was 23 when she fell off a cliff in Jamaica in mysterious circumstances. It was the beginning of the end of Marie’s marriage to Bailey, who offered minimal support. Later, she moved in with Mark Shand, the Duchess of Cornwall’s brother, but it was “torture”. “I’m spoilt. I like my own space,” she says. “I don’t even own a microwave and men don’t like that. They want to be looked after.”

In their time, every playboy – Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Dodi Fayed – tried to add Helvin to their list of conquests. Sometimes she had a fling, sometimes she resisted. She had enough money to travel and be independent. Then financial disaster in the aftermath of September 11 swept away her savings and five years ago, aged 50, she started modelling again.

“It’s flattering to be asked and it’s good money,” she says. She certainly knows how to do it. One minute she’s feeling grim and asking for a paracetamol, the next she turns on the “alert but at rest” look for a good photo: “You should look as if you have just exhaled – ‘Aaaah’,” she explains.

Her look is unchanged from her modelling heyday in the 1970s and 1980s. For a while she had short hair, but her publishers insisted that she grow it for the book so she looked like Marie Helvin.”It makes me recognisable. If I go to the supermarket wearing it in a scarf, with no make-up and baggy jeans and I don’t make eye contact, no one recognises me. Monroe used to say she could become Marilyn. It’s about the way you walk.”

Plastic surgery? “Absolutely, I approve,” she says, “but everyone says once you start it’s difficult to stop. I’ve considered Botox but my forehead is so high it might make me look like an alien.”

Instead, she trains herself not to frown, does facial exercises and sleeps sitting upright to avoid puffy eyes and crumple marks on her face. “Iman had to do it for six months after a serious accident and discovered that her skin looked better.

“Otherwise, I do what everyone else does. I use soap and water. Sometimes I eat, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I’m lucky in love, sometimes I’m not.”

But, of course, she knows how to dress. Jeans or a pencil skirt and a white shirt are her daily uniform. British tailoring delights her, so she adores her Edward Sexton suit. For the evening, something clingy – like the Roberto Cavalli dress; or sparkly – like the Ben de Lisi jacket; or cinched in around her waist, as with the Maria Grachvogel blouse.

But she can’t bear tights or closed-toe shoes. “I’m an island girl.” And, as soon as she can, she wants to turn off “Marie Helvin” and just be Marie with her family in Hawaii.

Amy Winehouse Friend Endorses Her Drug Use

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Winehouse  The comments come after Winehouse and her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, were arrested and fined in Bergen, Norway last week after being found in possession of marijuana.

The friend told the Sun: “We were chuffed when she was caught with cannabis, everyone used to worry about her cannabis habit, but now we look back at those days fondly.

They added: “We have been telling her to quit the hard stuff and get back on the weed.”

Despite her arrest, Winehouse’s European tour continued over the weekend with two shows in Bergen and Oslo.

Beyonce shocks in skimpy leotard

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

BeyonceThe Baby Boy singer – who recently cancelled her Malaysia concerts after refusing to conform to the country’s conservative dress code – donned a series of skimpy costumes, including a risqu?eotard with strategically placed Swarovski crystals, for her Ethiopia show on Saturday.

Beyonce told the 5000 screaming fans: “I want to thank you. You have been one of the best audiences of my lifetime.”

Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa welcomed Beyonc? two hour performance as part of the country’s year-long celebration of its 2000th year, according to the Coptic calendar.

Beyonce’s opening act, multi-platinum-selling rapper Ludacris, failed to impress the crowd. Local music promoter Michael Melake explained: “Rap music doesn’t suit Ethiopia.

“Ethiopians need a melody. Rap music is all about the message and we don’t identify with that. It’s all about the black American experience, and we don’t relate to that.”

The Black Eyed Peas, who performed in Addis Ababa in September, also received a lukewarm reception.

Spears regains right to visit kids – reports

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Britney Spears visit kidsBritney Spears has regained visitation rights with her two sons in her bitter custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline, published reports said on Monday.

Celebrity web site TMZ on Monday quoted Spears’ Los Angeles attorney Anne Kiley as saying the troubled pop star was now able to see her boys, Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1.

The web site said Spears’ visitation rights were suspended last week when a drug testing company could not reach her, and when she could prove she had a cell phone where she could be contacted, her rights were automatically reinstated.

Kiley was not immediately available to comment. A spokesman for Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, also was not immediately available.

Spears is due to appear at a Los Angeles hearing on Friday, where the case will be reviewed. She and Federline have been locked in a custody battle over their kids for months as Spears’ life has seemed to veer out of control despite a stint in drug and alcohol rehab.


Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Pret-a-rapporterWhat are we supposed to do about the year-round mono-climate we’ve managed to create? Environmental doom apart, I’m very cross about it on a personal level: it’s wreaked havoc with my wardrobe.

This is how the season has shaped up for me so far. In anticipation of a tour of duty in the fashion trenches of Milan and Paris, I lost my head and invested in an autumn/winter uniform. What an idiot. After I had hauled a hundredweight of purchases several thousand miles, the whole lot turned out to be redundant.

The shopping list would have made sense in the good old days of four distinct seasons. I bought two coats: a sleek black cashmere one by Boudicca and a red Harris tweed by a new designer called Kinder (tweed, ha!).

I got myself a pinstripe pencil-skirt suit; a thick grey long-line jumper; a couple of high-buttoning long-sleeved blouses; a stretch wool Body Conscious dress (wool!); and I threw in several pairs of boots and thick opaque tights to cover all eventualities. Or rather, none.

What was I thinking of? Style-wise, I flattered myself that I’d hit every trend, but what a disaster. September was hot in Milan and hotter in Paris. Back in Blighty, barely a day since has warranted much more than a lightweight jacket and an umbrella.

We’ve reached the absurd situation where the pre-set machinery of fashion is still churning out the same old seasonal fare, assuming that sun is for summer and cold is for autumn as it was in Dick and Dora storybook days. And worse, for all my supposed insider fashion intelligence, I keep getting fooled by it. No more: it’s time to get a grip.

Look around this month and every fashion magazine and shop is full of alluring varieties of weather-inappropriate coats – cocoons, swingy things, capes and First World War trenches. Stand back, say I. Why buy when properly cold days have practically faded to a distant memory? By the time a chill comes around, they will all be on sale, anyway.

You can always tell the way things are going by the pack-conversation of fashion editors waiting for the shows to begin. Along the rows and benches, I heard nothing but the latest chic boast: “Oh, I haven’t bought a thing!”

Has an incredible parsimony settled over this previously spendthrift community? Only partly – though designer prices have rocketed. No, the smart Americans and Europeans were happily wafting around bare-legged in little more than breezy, trapezey dresses (black, natch) and humongous wedges or platforms.

Way to go, I think. A neat jacket to shrug on top, a couple of belts, a scarf and an arsenal of opaque Wolford tights – that’s what a modern, climate-aware, year-round wardrobe looks like to me.

• Is there really no stopping the blight of Mrs Beckham? An unconfirmed rumour – from reliable sources – is circulating that she’s likely to be the face of the Marc Jacobs spring advertising campaign. That would mean being photographed by the unsparing lens of the ex-grunge visual supremo Juergen Teller, who has created Jacobs’s advertising image over many years; a brave step for any woman with vanity, but that’s by the bye.

It’s the head-messing contradictions the collaboration sparks – the world’s most uncool celebrity in association with one of the world’s coolest designers. I speak as a snob, of course. VB and her bodyguards are for ever getting under one’s feet at fashion shows.

She was at Jacobs’s show in New York, and at his Louis Vuitton collection in Paris – as well as practically everywhere else. What people like me can’t stand is the idea that the woman we had down as a show-side nuisance (there to please the tabloids) might be about to vault to the forefront of a brand that we have spent a decade revering as separate, special and anti all things establishment and mainstream.

If true, it would of course be the biggest tease Marc Jacobs could pull – as well as an industry-sized billboard summing up the way fashion is going. Or has gone.

Using Posh would say: “It doesn’t matter what cliques and elites think any more, only celebrity sells.”

It would be a triple coup. Victoria could feel endorsed in her fashion credibility, Jacobs could use her fame both genuinely and satirically – while people like me work up his name even further with our endless speculations about his possible postmodern ironic manipulations of media.

Whether Jacobs does employ Mrs Beckham or not is beside the point. Even in theory, it sums up the chilly reality that has dawned through this last round of collections. In more shows than I’d care to enumerate, there was a prickly feeling that designers are shooting above the heads of the insider audience.

They were not aiming to impress the critics, but to sell bags, bags, bags, and a few dull commercial clothes to (hate to say it, but) vulgar “new markets” – for some of which Victoria Beckham is a heroine.

• On the upside, my favourite tip from the latest shows is one to adopt right now. Jewellery has gone big, blatant, and, for the likes of me, satisfyingly junky.

Multiple strings of giant beads, pearls, chains, diamanté brooches, stacks of bangles and stone-encrusted belts were liberally scattered over the most influential collections – including Marni, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton and Dries Van Noten. What’s not to like?

With a sharp eye for the right kind of sparkle, colour and oversized flowers, it’s all eminently sourceable for a few quid from most Christmas church fairs.


Stern to make Anna Nicole’s baby heir to estate

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Howard K. Stern has filed court papers seeking to make Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter the sole heir of the late model’s estate.

Smith’s will was drafted long before the birth of her daughter, Dannielynn, last year. She died before updating the will to include her daughter.

In court papers filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Stern tries to clarify Smith’s intentions.

He claims Dannielynn should be the sole beneficiary under the correct reading of Smith’s will even though the child’s name is not mentioned. And he asks a judge to establish a trust for Dannielynn.

Dannielynn lives with her father, Larry Birkhead, who was established as her parent through DNA testing that settled a legal dispute with Stern.

Britney Spears loses her visitation rights

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Britney Spears Britney Spears has had her visitation rights to her two young sons suspended after failing to comply with a court order.

The new legal blow for the embattled star followed an emergency court hearing on Wednesday, the latest in her bitter custody battle with ex-husband, Kevin Federline over their children, Sean Preston, two, and Jayden James, one.
Scott Gordon, the judge who earlier this month stripped Spears of custody, wrote in an order following the hearing: “”Petitioner’s (Spears’) visitation with the minor children is suspended pending the petitioner’s compliance with the court orders.”

The order did not detail how she had failed to comply with the court’s directives but celebrity news website claimed the pop star had failed to provide drug testers with information about her whereabouts, making it impossible for them to carry out random tests.

In September, Mr Gordon ruled Spears must undergo random weekly drug testing after he found there was evidence she engaged in “habitual, frequent and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol.”

He then took custody away from her after she failed to submit to the random testing.

Spears was also ordered to attend parenting classes and told she could not visit her children without a parenting coach present.

Both parents were also ordered to remain sober around their children.

Last week, Mr Gordon granted a request from the singer’s lawyers that she be allowed one overnight visit per week with the children provided a monitor was present.

All visits are now on hold until a new hearing next Friday.

The parenting coach has been instructed to submit a report to the court before the hearing.

Spears, who divorced Federline in July, had previously shared custody of the children with her ex-husband.

But Federline went to court to challenge the arrangement, accusing Spears of being an unfit mother.

The singer, who has been in and out of rehab, faces charges for a hit and run accident and is constantly photographed out at nightclubs, has been trying to get her career back on track with a new album due out next month.

Last month Spears’ lawyer, Laura Wasser, resigned and she parted ways with her management company, the Firm.

The singer, who shot to stardom a decade ago, has sold over 76 million records worldwide, according to Time magazine.

Thierry Henry: ‘I’m definitely not a fashion victim’

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Thierry Henry Fashion Thierry Henry is back in London. With minders, a precisely timed schedule, and a clothes range to launch.

Crowds jostle to get a glimpse as he models the Thierry Henry Capsule Collection in the window of the Regent Street Tommy Hilfiger store.

He certainly looks the part. Black kipper tie, white shirt long-sleeved shirt and grey suit from the Tommy Hilfiger range. Matched with an air of confidence and a genuine smile.

Cameras flash and bulky men guard doors. Champagne is served. Cheers to the new clothes.

But what is the footballer thinking in those split seconds when he turns away from it all, his back to everyone, his fists on his hips? Is this real for him? Does he have other things on his mind?

He has been through a lot recently, the move from Arsenal to Barcelona for £16.1m, the divorce from model Claire Merry (who he met on the va va voom set). What does it feel like being back in London? Doesn’t he just wish everyone would just go away?

He seems resigned to the perils of stardom. But it is still strange to see yourself on the side of a bus, he says.

“I can never get used to it to be honest.” He is still “like a kid” about that.

How did the collection come about?

After working with Tommy Hilfiger on a few shoots, Thierry mentioned his new charity to him, The One 4 All Foundation, which tackles racism and social inequality. Hilfiger liked the idea of teaming up.

Profits from sales of the collection will go to help the charity.

There were a lot of meetings, Henry tells me. Lots of shoots. He sounds quite bored. “I didn’t know they were going to put my face on it.”

The point, for him, is the charity. This is what is real.

“It’s important. That is exactly where I come from”

The aim is to help these kids. “Trying to keep them dreaming.”

Henry was born and brought up in the tough neighbourhood of Les Ulis, Essonne, France. AS Monaco spotted him in 1990 and signed him up. Then he went to Juventus, Arsenal, and this year, Barcelona.

“Those kids still have the right to dream. You never know, maybe the next Prime Minister might be there. But you can never know if you don’t give them a chance.”

It is clear he sees himself in them, and this drives his enthusiasm.

He says you need to give them the material things that they need – like furniture, and facilities, so they can have a good education, so they can “just be themselves, and make sure they grow properly”.

“Sometimes your parents can not be around you and support you because maybe themselves, they have to take two jobs at a time. It is the oldest brother usually who has to look after everybody.”

“I know exactly how it is in an underprivileged area. That is where I come from.”

The collection with Hilfiger is a way that he has found that means he can help. But he has no pretensions about his fashion credentials.

“I am not a stylist and I am not a designer,” he says.

“I’m definitely not a fashion victim. It is not like ‘I need to have this because everyone is wearing it’. I will actually be totally the opposite.”

Who influenced his style?

“My dad. When I was young. He was just crazy with his clothes.”

Always wearing matching clothes, always looking good. Just being himself.

Any style tips for men? What creates the best look?

“Just wear what you really feel comfortable with. Be yourself and be confident. It depends on what you like and how you wear it. I think it’s all down to that. You have to have your own style.”

There seems no danger of him getting sucked into the clean-cut fashion world he is moving in right now.

Fashion or football? Football. Every time.

And what about what next? Any plans?

“I never plan anything because sometimes you can get too much disappointment when you plan stuff. You already can get disappointed when you don’t plan aswell.”

The enthusiasm is gone from his voice.

Fair enough. Some of his plans have admittedly gone astray.

I’ll see what life can bring me, he says, as the next person desperate for his attention is ushered in.