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Robbie Williams loses £200,000 to con men “friends”

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Robbie Williams has reportedly lost more than £200,000 to two con men posing as friends.

A source told the Mirror that the two men were part of Robbie’s LA Vale soccer team entourage and used the former Take That star’s Hollywood home as a “24-hour crash-pad” before asking for the money to set up a fashion label in New York: “Robbie wants to be everyone’s friend and on this occasion, people have taken advantage. He has up to 20 people in his house at a time and everyone jokes that he’s the perfect host.”

“But what were fun times to begin with have started to take their toll. Rob’s become a bit jaded by the whole situation and has started putting on a bit of weight.”

The source explained that Robbie finally confronted the pair last week and a huge argument erupted which only ended when Robbie threatened to call the police and dissolved his beloved amateur soccer team: “It was as if the penny had finally dropped and Robbie realised he was being taken for a mug.”

“There was a screaming row between him and several people. He accused them all of taking advantage. He ordered them all out of his house and told them not to come back.”

“But it was when he disbanded the team that everyone became convinced he meant business. It’s very much his pride and joy. They all disappeared pretty sharpish.”

“At best Rob was being used, at worst, he was being conned. These so-called friends have preyed on his hospitality and good nature.”