Roberto Cavalli - Biography

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli (born November 15, 1940) is a well-known Italian fashion designer of modern luxury clothing. He was born in Florence, Italy. Cavalli is known for using wild animal prints and sexualized cuts in his design, leading to comparisons with designer Gianni Versace and his popularity with many young celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham, with whom he famously signed an exclusive dressing contract. He is also known for his lavish lifestyle. He owns several houses and villas and is married to a former Miss Universe runner-up, Eva Duringer of Austria, with whom he has had one child and two from a previous marriage. Many of his runway collections are inspired by items in his homes. Cavalli aroused controversy in 2006 as the first designer to quickly publicly announce that he wanted Kate Moss as the face of his Spring 2006 collection very soon after her infamous drug scandal broke. Moss had already been the spokes model for Cavalli's Spring 2005 campaign a year earlier, and has since been the face of his Fall-Winter 2007/2008 campaign.[1] He has been designing outfits for Shakira's Oral Fixation Tour, and her Red Carpet appearances as well. He also recently designed outfits for Christina Aguilera's tour, and Michael Jackson as well as for his rumored upcoming tour. Cavalli is slated to design international retailer, H&M's fourth annual exclusive collection which will be sold in 200 stores world-wide November 2007. Roberto Cavalli: The premier couture line featuring women's clothing, sunglasses, men's clothing, women's & men's shoes, handbags, timepieces, underwear, beachwear, and eyewear. Just Cavalli - A more affordable Cavalli line, well-known for its denim. It features: men's & women's apparel (mostly sold in upscale department stores) & men's & women's accessories. Roberto Cavalli Class - A newer line by RC, featuring "classy yet sexy" designs. It features men's & women's clothing. The face of this newer clothing line will be represented by supermodel Kevin Navayne. Roberto Cavalli Angels - A kid's line, ages starting from 6 months to 14 years. Inc