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Thierry Mugler was born in 1948, in Strasbourg, France. Mugler studied design before moving to Paris in 1970, where he worked as a window-dresser.

Thierry Mugler

Mugler went on from this point to create a very identifiable style. He designed a new feminine silhoutte where shapes and curves are accentuated by the strictness of the cut.. For men, Mugler produced a very clear-cut, precise and structured image with a shouldered, slender cut for a classic silhouette.
Mugler's work over the next two decades had a style that was very much of its time: it was strong, angular, sometimes almost cruel. Shoulders were wide and padded; waists were wasp-like. Prints were banished: Mugler's clothes came in solid, dominating colours. Collars had exaggerated points, or flamelike cutouts. The insect kingdom was a constant influence, as were the ladies and gentlemen of film noir. In his most extreme runway garments, PVC was often used, as were space and robot themes. Thierry Mugler's fashion house did not survive the 1990s, though vintage versions of his more wearable clothes are still popular on auction sites like eBay. Owned since 1997 by the French cosmetics and skincare company Clarins, Thierry Mugler is now known best for its perfume division. The couture division was closed in 2003, and all Thierry Mugler ready-to-wear is now produced under license agreements, as is a line of eyewear. Mugler himself has turned to other artistic interests. In the past, Mugler has published two books featuring his fashion designs and photography, Thierry Mugler (1988) and Fashion Fetish Fantasy (1998). In 1992, Mugler directed the video for George Michael's "Too Funky," featuring a parade of Mugler fashions, including the famous motorcycle dress. More recently, Thierry Mugler collaborated with Cirque du Soleil on its 2003 show "Zumanity" at the New York New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Notably, this is Cirque du Soleil's first show for mature audiences. However, some say that Mugler may be returning to fashion. In Spring 2007, the New York Times noted that new fashion collections by Balenciaga, Dolce and Gabbana and Alexander McQueen seemed highly influenced by the Mugler style. The article quoted Mugler as saying he was working on a "capsule couture collection" to be sold at a new boutique in Paris set to open in autumn 2007, and that he was at work on theatrical extravaganzas for the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and the Crazy Horse in Paris.

The French Couture Syndicate officially invites Thierry Mugler to present a couture collection during the haute couture collections calendar. In addition, Thierry Mugler was invited to sit on the Comite Colbert; thereby joining the top 75 French companies that share the passion for excellence, creativity, and luxury in the production of their merchandise. After seven years of fruitful partnership, confirmed in the success of the fragrances, the CLARINS group acquired a larger majority in Thierry Mugler Couture. Haute couture Thierry Mugler Couture Women`s luxury ready-to-Wear Thierry Mugler and accessories including fine leather goods, jewellery, and shoes Complementary women`s ready-to-wear lines Mugler (classic for everyday) MTM MUGLER TRADE MARK (sportswear & leisure) Men's ready-to-wear and accessories Thierry Mugler Perfumes Women`s Perfume and body products: ANGEL Men`s Perfume and body products: A*MEN

Thierry Mugler

ANGEL perfumes for women by Thierry Mugler were launched in 1992. This designer fragrance is a refreshing blend of oriental, woody aromas. ANGEL perfumes for women by Thierry Mugler fragrances are recommended for daytime wear.

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